Terms and Conditions

Fees and Cancellations policy

Each of our tutoring sessions are built with the individual students in mind and are planned and tailored to accordingly. Therefore a lot of planning goes into each session. With this in mind we politely ask that a minimum non-refundable deposit is to be paid upfront of £5 per lesson at the time of booking. We politely ask that any cancellations unless in emergency are made 24 hours in advance where possible.

First hour free; this is available for all new customers. This hour will be spent getting to know us and you (your child) and will involve some maths, usually a minor assessment to find out where your (your child's) current abilities are and how we can best plan our lessons going forward. 

Discounts are available for block bookings consisting of a minimum 5 sessions. 

A standing order may be set up for block bookings if required. 

Fees are accepted via BACS or Cash only at present.

Safeguarding Policies

At Maths Maid in Devon the safeguarding of our business, tutors and students is upmost important, we have carefully constructed the following safeguarding policy which we politely ask you to read through and sign your understanding of this document before undertaking any tutorial sessions, either face to face or online.

We have our own safeguarding policy in line with our local authority MASH and guidelines produced via NSPCC. 

We are DBS checked and certificates are available upon request.

We ask that a responsible adult remains within ear shot of all tutorial sessions whether face to face or online at all times.

We may from time to time like to use photographs of yours (your child's) work for promotion purposes including but not limited to social media sites. We will only do this with written permission and will never share photos where you (your child) is present.

Online tutorials will not be recorded unless you express written requests yourself, for the personal use of revision purposes only. Distributing any recordings or screen shots goes against our policy and hence will be liable to further consequences and hence with future tutorials cancelled.

We may from time to time use computer resources to enhance the learning experience. These will be via downloadable content/ software only. We follow strict procedures for keeping children safe online, and aim to limit the use of online activities. Online tutorials will require the use of screen sharing from tutor to student to enable activities and learning to run smoothly. We ask that students do not share their own screens during this time. Any completed work can be emailed or uploaded through classrooms for marking and feedback.

We believe that all children have the right to feel safe and heard. Should any child disclose information or behave in a manner that raises concerns we have a legal responsibility to report this. Initially we would raise any concerns we may have with you, where appropriate. We hold the right to discuss any concerns where necessary with the NSPCC or our local safeguarding authority MASH for further guidance or report. 

If you have any safe guarding concerns you are welcome to discuss them by contacting: 

Natalia Martyn - 07934348784


Alternatively if you feel this is not an option you may contact the Devon LADO: 


We complete annual safeguarding training through NSPCC and regularly keep up to date with the DfE keeping children safe in education policies. 

Data Protection/ Handling your data

We work within the legal framework for data protection, supporting your right to privacy; to see, change and challenge information held about you (your child). We also have our own rules on how we handle your data and the information we keep. We will not pass your data onto any third party unless absolutely necessary for your protection or the protection of your family. Any information passed will be handled by the data controller. This is the organisations responsible person who has a duty to ensure your information is processed lawfully.

In order to provide high quality services that meet your needs (or the needs of your child) we record information about you (your child) which will be stored in a file. This file contains information about you (your child) such as age, current mathematical attainment, targets, assessments and personal contact information.

We will keep your file for as long as we need to by law.