About us

Maths Maid in Devon

I have over 5 years experience of working with young children as a volunteer and teaching assistant, beginning with KS1 when my daughter began school, moving up with her helping in KS2. In 2019 I began working at secondary school level. During my time as a teaching assistant I worked with a range of students of all abilities and disabilities. I have experience of children with Autism and ADHD as well as dyslexia. I graduated in 2022 with a BSc (Honours) Mathematics and it's learning. This degree was divided into mathematics, applied mathematics and exploring ways in which students learn mathematics. During this time I worked with adult learners as well as children broadening my experience of how people learn. Whilst studying for my mathematics degree I started working for a company offering online tutoring. After discovering there were hidden costs involved to the parents, I decided to begin my own tutoring venture, where I know exactly what my clients are paying for. I can offer face to face tutorials within the local area or alternatively online. I believe that to engage others with a subject you wish to teach you have to be passionate about what you are teaching and I am very excited to bring mathematics to others and help them achieve their goals. I am a mother to two children and schedule my hours around them mostly, however in special circumstances I can be flexible. Details can be found on our booking page. 

I welcome enquiries and encourage people to get in touch to discuss their needs.